Zurab Nanobashvili

Theater director. Honored Artist of Russia.
Laureate of International and Russian theater festivals and competitions.
Three times laureate of the Vologda Oblast State Prize (2006, 2009, 2017).
Awarded the Order of Friendship. He was awarded the Badge of honor "For Services to Vologda".

The Upcoming Premieres of Zurab Nanobashvili at the Republican Russian Drama and Comedy Theater of the Republic of Kalmykia
On January 15, 2022, the premiere of the play "Thunderstorm" will take place:

"The audience is waiting for a performance about life: about love, which people take for a sin and for which it is not scary to die, about the relationship between fathers and children, about the power of money and the fact that an ordinary person cannot earn the daily bread via honest work … About disinterested dreamers and ascetics, about bitter captivity, when death seems to be happiness.
Director - Honored Artist of Russia Z. Nanobashvili.
Staging artist - Honored Artist of the Republic of Kalmykia P. Kornienko.
Lighting designer - Honored Worker of Culture of the Republic of Kalmykia E. Medvedev" (Culture.RF)

On January 28, 2022, the theater will present the performance "A Midsummer Night's Dream":
"The audience is waiting for a holiday performance in which there is a place for both - a topical joke and classical poetry of the great playwright. In this comedy, as in others, true love overcomes all obstacles. And she must win in a fairy-tale world.
Director - Honored Artist of Russia Z. Nanobashvili.
Staging artist - Honored Artist of the Republic of Kalmykia P. Kornienko.
Lighting designer - Honored Worker of Culture of the Republic of Kalmykia E. Medvedev" (Culture.RF)
Theater is a way of life, a way of cognition the world and a means by which you can try to change it.
For me, nothing is more important than the Theater. And there is nothing more exciting than the second, when an actor, filled with stage truth, fascinates the viewer. The audience is silent, but his breathing and heartbeat sound in unison with the breathing and heart of the actor, with the events taking place on stage at this moment, which will never happen again.

My theater is most like a bright multi-genre book, in which next to a novel you suddenly find an essay, next to journalism - poetry. This is how the idea of making a theater for everyone and for each person was realized. Difficult? And it is even more difficult to achieve perfection in this.

Today I want to live and compose - this is very important for me and for those people who are next to me - artists, painters, musicians, props and decorators... And, I hope, for the most dears - for the audience.
Between the artist's hand and the canvas is the distance in which his talent lies. And there are no intermediaries, just a huge responsibility and fantastic tension.
"The new informational "civilization", which is fundamentally different from when I started making my first performances, even from what it was 15 years ago, has changed the world before our eyes. To keep a person's attention, you have to invent something all the time. Overcome the predictability of stage life. If the audience in the hall understands in advance how the situation in the performance will develop, then such a performance does not seem to be needed".
The play "Moliere" based on M. Bulgakov's play "The Cabal of the Saints" is interesting to me that there are a lot of shifter heroes in the play. The archbishop becomes a devil at certain moments, the incestuous person turns out to be an artist at a difficult moment in life, and the king is just a man who has the right to his own grievances. Pay attention to the case when the servant behaves like a real friend of Moliere, and the stepson becomes Judas.
The play "Hamlet" based on the play by W. Shakespeare translated by A. Chernov
To turn to "Hamlet" today, when there is "not Hamlet" around and Hamlet as a hero of our time is not to be found at all, is very serious ... <...> Hamlet can be anything, because time dictates it. Even if the director, the theater and the actors do not think about "making "Hamlet" appropriate to this time," it still inevitably and involuntarily turns out to be modern.
(Irina Kholmogorova, theater critic)
Ekaterina Dmitrievskaya «Screen and stage» № 19, 2014 год:

The theater celebrates a solid date. How would you formulate the main task of the Vologda drama director?
– During my work in Vologda, I have tried to create an acting ensemble that is able to cope with any directorial or dramatic task, master a complex prose or poetic language, work on a variety of stage platforms, in front of any audience. I think it is no accident that critics have repeatedly noted the coherence of the work of the acting ensemble. For the anniversary, we are preparing the play "Woe from Wit", where most of our artists will be engaged. This is a good way to check the condition of the troupe, since it has long been believed that in an ideal troupe it is "Woe from Wit" that should be easily distributed
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