F.Goodrich, A.Hackett


June 2005
The director of the play - Zurab Nanobashvili - became the winner of the Main prize of the festival "For the search for new expressive forms and means in the development of the historical and architectural environment" (the Prize named after Semenova). The theater staff was awarded the Audience Award for the best acting ensemble. The acting duo of L. Rudoy - S. Trubin was awarded the Honorary Prize of the jury.
Different actors' personalities in the play are formed by the will of the director into an ensemble, where everyone has their own voice, which merges into a common theme – the theme of opposition to dehumanization. The assertion that in any circumstances there is compassion, the ability to understand the pain of another, that in any circumstances high feelings can be born, not drowned out by painful and humiliating everyday troubles.
Shcherbakov K. A. theater critic, Honored Artist of the Russian Federation, Candidate of Philosophical Sciences
"The difficulty of our time is that as soon as ideals, new beautiful hopes arise, the cruel reality destroys them. It's amazing that I still have some expectations, even though they seem absurd and unfulfillable. But I saved them no matter what, because I still believe in human kindness. I can't build my life on hopelessness, grief and chaos. I see how the world is gradually turning into a desert, and I persistently hear the approaching thunder bringing death, I feel the suffering of millions of people, and yet when I look at the sky, I am again filled with confidence that the good will win, cruelty will disappear and peace will be restored. In the meantime, I will not give up my ideals: after all, there may come times when they can be realized!" -wrote the young Anne Frank in her diary on July 15, 1944. A few days later, the police broke into the shelter where Anna and her family were hiding…

The story of Anne Frank simultaneously embodies the biographies of all the Jews who died during the genocide, and remains her own destiny. Two ridiculous years of existence, which by many standards could not be called life at all. The constant fear of being discovered, the feeling of hopelessness and tragedy of the situation, the severity of imprisonment - these are the conditions in which the physical maturation and personal formation of a 13-year-old girl, sensitive, thinking, took place.

The performance of Zurab Nanobashvili - "Anna's Diary" is based on a play by American playwrights F. Goodrich and A. Hackett, created on the basis of the real diary of Anne Frank.

After the concentration camp, Otto Frank, Anna's father, returns to the attic, where a few years ago he experienced happy and the most terrible moments in his life. He finds his youngest daughter's diary and his memories take him back to a time when life in the shelter was just beginning.
F.Goodrich, A.Hackett

Anna's diary

Stage installation and production
Zurab Nanobashvili

Scenography and costumes
Anastasia Pautova

Dina Bortnik

Natalia Petrova-Rudaya

Characters and performers:

Anna Frank
Honored Artist of Russia Natalia Vorobyova

Mr. Frank
People's artist of Russia Leonid Rudoy

Ms. Frank
Honored Artist of Russia Svetlana Trubina

Margot Frank
Natalia Gneusheva

Natalia Sitnikova

Mr. Kraler
Honored Artist of Russia Igor Rudinsky

Ms. Van Daan
Honored Artist of Russia Mariana Vitavskaya

Mr. Van Daan
Honored Artist of Russia Sergey Konovalov

Peter Van Daan
Sergey Zakutin

Mr. Dussel
Honored Artist of Russia Arkady Pechkin
Над передачей работали:
Ирина Цветкова
Сергей Баранов
Елена Климова
Олег Степанов
Екатерина Анохина
Наталья Воробьева